Goiot Hatch Parts

Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
GOI/95055 Handle, f/Cristal&Intgrtion Hatch Inside Right $9.90 $8.91
GOI/95056 Handle, f/Cristal&Integration Hatch Inside Left $9.90 $8.91
GOI/95062 Handle, f/Crist/Evolut Hatch Outside $29.70 $26.73
GOI/95063 Handle, f/Cristal&Evolut Hatch Inside $18.85 $16.96
GOI/93477 Handle Kit, Alu f/Emerg.Tradtion Hatch Left&Right $280.70 $252.63
GOI/95297 Axle-Screw, f/Hatch-Holder #101161 $16.15 $14.53
GOI/95302 Pin, f/Hinge 010-Hatch $4.15 $3.73
GOI/95305 Handle, f/Traditional Hatch Inside Right $14.45 $13.00
GOI/95307 Handle, f/Traditional Hatch Inside Left $14.45 $13.00
GOI/95347 Top-Knob, Black f/Tradition Hatch $4.20 $3.78
GOI/97256 Handle, Alu f/Tradition Hatch Outside HD $79.90 $71.91
GOI/101161 Hatch-Holder, Left f/Tradition 50.50 & 80.80 $78.55 $70.69
GOI/101487 Lock, w/Key SS f/Cristal Hatch $155.90 $140.31
GOI/101686 Handle Set, f/Traditional Hatch Outside 2/Pk $62.45 $56.20
GOI/101706 Friction-Pin, Thin o�:9.5mm f/Hatch-Hinge 2/Pk $55.85 $50.26
GOI/101711 Corner Set, Alu f/Tradition Hatch-Latch 2/Pk $76.45 $68.80
GOI/101713 Handle Set, f/Integration Hatch Inside SM 2/Pk $9.90 $8.91
GOI/106888 Handle, f/Opal Hatch Inside Right Starb $7.95 $7.15
GOI/106889 Handle, f/Opal Hatch Inside Left Port $7.95 $7.15
GOI/106893 Hatch-Holder, Telescopic f/Opal Sz:30 $31.20 $28.08
GOI/106976 Hatch-Holder, f/Opal Sz:40 $38.60 $34.74
GOI/106970 Hatch-Holder, Telescopic f/Opal Sz:44 $40.25 $36.22
GOI/106894 Top-Knob, Round Cap f/Opal Hatch $8.65 $7.78
GOI/106942 Bushing, f/Opal Inside-Hatch Handle w/Bracket $5.25 $4.72
GOI/106944 Spacer, f/Opal T00 T10 T20f Inside-Handle P4560 $5.25 $4.72
GOI/115278 Handle, f/Opal Hatch Outside Left $8.65 $7.78
GOI/115279 Handle, f/Opal Hatch Outside Right $8.65 $7.78
Opal Range
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
GOI/106086 Interior Trim, ABS Opal Hatch T44 $115.95 $104.35
GOI/115306 Interior Trim, ABS Opal Sq Hatch T10 $89.20 $80.28
GOI/115354 Interior Trim, ABS Opal Rect Hatch T03 $84.70 $76.23
GOI/115440 Interior Trim, ABS Opal Rnd Hatch T18 $102.00 $91.80
GOI/115356 Interior Trim, ABS Opal Rect Hatch T30 $89.20 $80.28
GOI/115359 Interior Trim, ABS Opal Sq Hatch T60 $142.70 $128.43
GOI/106618 Fly Screen f/Opal Portlight Sz:32 $139.50 $125.55
GOI/106620 Fly Screen f/Opal Portlight Sz:01 $55.05 $49.54
Goiot Gaskets
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
GOI/95663 Seal-Profil, Neop 1/2Rnd 8mm f/Crist /F $1.55 $1.39
GOI/95658 Seal-Profil, Neop 1/2Rnd 10mm f/Cristal /F $1.60 $1.44
GOI/95661 Seal-Profil, Neop 1/2Sq 14x10mm f/Tradit /F $2.35 $2.11
GOI/95659 Seal-Profil, Neop 1/2Rnd 12mm f/Crist&Evol /F $4.70 $4.23
GOI/95665 Seal-Profil, Neop Rnd 10mm f/Traditional /F $3.15 $2.83
GOI/95667 Seal-Profil, Neop Rnd 8mm f/Integration /F $1.00 $0.90
GOI/106896 Gasket Mat, Neop Seal Triangle f/Opal Hatch /F $11.75 $10.57

*The "St.Maarten Offshore" price applies to the St. Maarten location only and is applicable to Yachts In Transit, Export Customers and Non Residents that provide proof of this status.

† The “St.Maarten List” price is based on the sticker price in St.Maarten. Due to local taxes and duties, prices in our various locations may differ from the catalog price, and we can explain the differences to you. All locations within the Budget Marine Group are committed to giving you the best possible price, contact us directly.

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