Mastervolt Alternator Regulators

The standard internal regulator on most alternators is only designed to replace short discharges such as engine starting. The regulator shuts down too quickly to fully recharge a large house bank battery.

These Mastervolt regulators replace the internal regulator. They implement a full 3-step charge cycle. A bulk charge runs the alternator near maximum output to quickly replace most of the charge, an absorption charge follows to bring the battery to 100% full. Then a float charge begins to keep the battery healthy and full. This charge method can greatly reduce the engine run time needed to get batteries to full charge and extend the life of your batteries.

Suitable for gel/AGM/liquid batteries, has adjustments for absorption voltage, float voltage and absorption time. LED indicators for bulk,absorption, float conditions.


These regulators are for N-type alternators with external field connections. P-type alternators or alternators with internal regulator would require opening the alternator case to make the correct connections.
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
MTV/45512000 Regulator, Alternator 12/24V Alpha Pro(MB-Type) SPECIAL ORDER SPECIAL ORDER

*The "St.Maarten Offshore" price applies to the St. Maarten location only and is applicable to Yachts In Transit, Export Customers and Non Residents that provide proof of this status.

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