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A typical solar panel produces its maximum output power at 17 or 18 volts. This is considerably above the voltage of a nominal 12 volt battery bank. This voltage difference represents power being wasted; a normal regulator simply cuts off or reduces current from the solar panel when the batteries are fully charged.

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) power controllers have been in use for years on large land-based systems. MPPT uses sophisticated electronics to transform the full output power of the panels down to the exact voltage required by the batteries at their present level of charge. Since the power is constant, transforming down to the lower voltage results in an increase in the current available for charging. Gains of up to 30% are possible depending on battery voltage, temperature and panel voltage.

Blue Sky Energy now brings this technology to smaller systems, enabling you to get more from your investment in solar battery charging.

Note: Other Blue Sky Energy models available, call for quote
Solar Boost 3000i
Blue Sky Energy’s Solar Boost™ 3000i solar charge controller charges 12V batteries at up to 30 amps from conventional 36 cell 12V PV modules. Patented MPPT technology operates the modules electrically in a manner that harvests all available PV power and can increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional PWM type controllers.

The voltage step-down operation of the MPPT power converter also allows higher voltage 60 cell PV modules to charge 12 volt batteries at up to 22 amps. Not suitable for 72 cell panels. The SB3024DIL should be used for 72 cell panels.

Solar Boost 3000i’s sophisticated 3-stage charge control plus auto/manual equalization optimally charges flooded, GEL and AGM lead-acid chemistry batteries. A user configurable auxiliary output is also provided which can serve as either a 20 amp LVD load controller, 20 amp lighting controller with LVD, or 2 amp auxiliary battery charger for a second battery such as the engine start battery.

The low power LED display combines excellent readability with very low power consumption. It includes an automatic night time dimming feature and may be turned off completely if desired.

The high accuracy display shows battery voltage, input & output current, auxiliary battery voltage, and computes total solar charge amp-hours produced. To provide optimal charge control for various battery types all digital set points are user adjustable.
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
BSK/SB3000I Solar-Controller, Mppt 12V 30A 60Cell Capable $338.95 $305.05
BSK/930-0022-20 Sensor, Battery-Temp w/Line:20' $36.00 $32.40
BSK/720-0011-01 Wallmount Box, f/SC30/SB3000i/SB200 $40.95 $36.85
Solar Boost 3024 DiL
Solar Boost 3024DiL's advanced, fully automatic, 3-stage, charge control system will properly charge flooded lead-acid, AGM and GEL batteries resulting in improved battery performance with less maintenance.


  • Dual 30/40 amp rating delivers at up to 30 amps in 24 volt systems, or up to 40 amps in 12 volt
  • Automatic or manual equalize function to periodically condition flooded lead-acid batteries
  • User configurable auxiliary output to further enhance versatility
  • Efficiently charges 12 volt batteries from a 24 volt solar array
  • Ideal for use with Solar Innova 190 watt panels.
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
BSK/SB3024DIL Solar-Controller, Mppt 12/24V 30A Digital Display $506.20 $455.58

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