Sea Striker Gaff

Sea Striker Gaffs are sturdy yet economical, having a polished aluminum handle, comfortable and durable foam grips, and a hand-sharpened stainless steel knife edge point. Made for the serious fisherman.

The hook is made from the strongest quality stainless steel available. Each hook is hand sharpened with a knife-edge point. Unlike round points cut on a lathe, the tip of the point will not lay over if a bone is struck while gaffing a fish. Gaff handles are made from highly-polished aluminum. Features functional and desirable grips, the same used on professional exercise machines.

Designed to offer maximum holding power with wet hands. Gaffs up to 3’ have one grip. All gaffs 4’ and above have two hand grips.
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
SSK/SS336 Gaff, 3' Alu Handle 3" SS Hook $51.60 $46.44
SSK/SS348 Gaff, 4' Alu Handle 3" SS Hook $56.75 $51.07
SSK/SS448 Gaff, 4' Alu Handle 4" SS Hook $64.50 $58.05
SSK/SS372 Gaff, 6' Alu Handle 3" SS Hook $67.10 $60.39
SSK/SS472 Gaff, 6' Alu Handle 4" SS Hook $74.75 $67.27
SSK/WG336 Gaff, 3' Wood Handle 3" Hook $29.60 $26.64

*The "St.Maarten Offshore" price applies to the St. Maarten location only and is applicable to Yachts In Transit, Export Customers and Non Residents that provide proof of this status.

† The “St.Maarten List” price is based on the sticker price in St.Maarten. Due to local taxes and duties, prices in our various locations may differ from the catalog price, and we can explain the differences to you. All locations within the Budget Marine Group are committed to giving you the best possible price, contact us directly.

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