InterProtect® 2000E

Interprotect® 2000E with Microplates® is a unique two-part epoxy coating developed to protect fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to osmotic blistering. Microplates® create an overlapping barrier to help stop water migration through the coating. The Interprotect® system is the system of choice for repairing gelcoat that has already been damaged by osmotic blistering. Interprotect® 2000E can be used above and below the waterline as a universal primer for all surfaces and has proven itself to be an excellent primer for all metals. It also can be used as part of a no sand system. Available in two colors, Gray and White, so you can alternate colors to ensure full coverage.


  • For Prevention and Repair of Gelcoat Blistering
  • Universal Primer for Above and Below the Waterline
  • Excellent for use on Underwater Metals, Hulls and Keels
  • Low Emissions Formulation available: InterProtect® 2000VOC
Item Code Description St. Maarten
St. Maarten
Offshore *
INT/Y2000EQT Epoxy-Primer, Interprotect Gray 2000E Kit Qt $57.65 $51.88
INT/Y2000EGL Epoxy-Primer, Interprotect Gray 2000E Kit Gal $168.00 $151.20
INT/Y2002EQT Epoxy-Primer, Interprotect White 2002E Kit Qt $57.65 $51.88
INT/Y2002EGL Epoxy-Primer, Interprotect White 2002E Kit Gal $172.15 $154.93

*The "St.Maarten Offshore" price applies to the St. Maarten location only and is applicable to Yachts In Transit, Export Customers and Non Residents that provide proof of this status.

† The “St.Maarten List” price is based on the sticker price in St.Maarten. Due to local taxes and duties, prices in our various locations may differ from the catalog price, and we can explain the differences to you. All locations within the Budget Marine Group are committed to giving you the best possible price, contact us directly.

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