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Prices in our catalog and on our website are “Caribbean List Prices” based on our sticker price in St. Maarten, which is a duty free port. They do not necessarily reflect our selling prices in every location, although in all locations we can indicate to you what logic leads us to the particular pricing we maintain. All locations within the Budget Marine Group are committed to giving you the best possible pricing. To this extent we have many locations that maintain complicated duty free concessions. The cost of administering these facilities may however lead to variances from the catalog pricing. All prices in our catalog are shown in USD. 


Antigua EC and US dollars
Aruba Guilders and US Dollars
Bonaire Guilders and US Dollars
Curacao Guilders and US Dollars
Grenada EC dollars, US dollars and Euros
St. Maarten Antillean Guilders, US Dollars and Euros
St. Thomas US dollars only
Trinidad US, EC dollars and Euros



Budget Marine St. Maarten accepts local cheques and US cheques. Most other Budget Marine locations accept local cheques, bank draft cheques and traveler’s cheques, but this should be individually confirmed at each store.

Credit Cards

Mastercard, Visa and American Express are accepted; for other credit cards, contact individual Budget Marine locations for their policy. 

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